Emblem of the ancient glories of one of the most powerful and richest Trentino families, the Tonos, with its undisputed beauty and importance Castel Thun still dominates on all the other manors of the Val di Non. A reflection of the centuries-long domination of this noble family on the Valley, the castle – that stands on a hill not far from the village of Vigo di Ton - testifies times of both past glory and decay.
The name of the House of Tono, or Thun in its Germanized form, was first recorded in the 13th century and also gave its name to the castle. The family was destined to become the local and European leading seat in the history of the Trento Prince Bishopric: after acquiring the ancient Belvesino fortress, the Tonos started its renovation making it their luxury family manor.

The vast expanse of the building testifies to the skilful architecture applied to exploit the surrounding mountainous territory for defensive purposes. The core of Castel Thun stands on top of a hill: it is an imposing palazzo with square plan, three turrets with Gothic cusp located sideways and a fourth turret at the corner. In the lower levels there are several walls, a result of the centuries old transformations of the castle from defensive fortress to lavish aristocratic residence; corner turrets, massive towers, double curtains and moats complete the complex. On the northern side, facing the wooden bridge - once a drawbridge – stands the peculiar Spanish Door, named in memory of the legendary journey to Spain taken by a young member of the Thun family; the door is protected by two turrets, so-called “malta” turrets, and is finely finished with ashlar-work.

Magnificence and refinement are the best words to describe the castle’s 150 rooms. Among them, the following stand out for their elegance: the Bishop’s Room (Stanza del Vescovo), entirely panelled in Swiss pine, and the Hearth Room (Stanza del Camino), with a most beautiful Renaissance fireplace. In the Room of the Dead (Stanza dei morti) walls are still blackened by the smoke of candles burnt during wakes.

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